It’s time for a new era in mobility and to leverage on lessons learned by the development team from previous projects. It’s our mission to make mobility a pleasure again while people turn heads following your track.

With our experienced and all Dutch partners, we will change history once again and show genuine Dutch craftsmanship.

Clients will be invited to exclusive events offering the opportunity to tailor their unique model according to their personal taste and preferences, including hand-picked fabrics, materials, and colour schemes. Your personal Maverick account will allow you access to follow the manufacturing process of your Maverick step-by-step.

You might expect to enter the middle-upper price range of luxury sportscars of several 100K, but again we will surprise you.

Are you interested in becoming an investor or owner?



Robert Barnhoorn from “Spark Design & Innovation” was one of the co-initiators of the Carver One and thePAL-V One. Many movies featuring the Carver on YouTube, including hilarious ones from Top Gear, show the impact of this first tricycle. 


John Bakker, founding father of the PAL-V, the flying car, approached Robert Barnhoorn with his idea. Practical improvements were integrated, and in 2012 there was the so-called Mad Max, a test vehicle. It became 60 cm longer than the Carver with comfortable space for a second passenger and luggage. The Mad Max model proved the smooth driving capabilities of the vehicle and the revolutionary athletic tilting system. 


The PAL-V One, ( Personal Air & Land Vehicle) had his maiden flight during which two passengers were seated behind each other. The original model of the PAL-V was designed as a two-seater for a driver and passenger sitting beside each other, compromising the unique feature of tilting.


Given the know-how and lessons learned over the last 20 years, John as initiator- and Robert as co-founder of the Maverick went back to the assumptions of the Mad Max. Bob Busser as co-founder joined them. By further improving the driving capabilities, making it electrical with a real action radius of 500 km and quick acceleration and adding an electromagnetic actuator, the Maverick is ready to start its journey to realisation.


John Bakker – founder of the PAL-V and founder of the Maverick One


Robert Barnhoorn – co- initiator of the Carver One and the PAL-V One and  co-founder of the Maverick



Bob Busser – co-founder of the Maverick

A selection of the parties involved in alphabetic order:

The AE Group from Waalijk is involved in the powering of the Maverick and the electromagnetic actuator.

Shift2Start from the automotive Campus Helmond will form the bridge with several external parties in the automotive market as done for another successful Dutch development “ The Lightyear”.

Spark Design & Innovation from Robert Barnhoorn will be closely involved in the development and the human-vehicle interface.

Our own Stig, the personality from Top Gear. He is a famous person related to the Formula 1 and will be the driver of our demonstrator.

Technologies Added, the sparkling “electrical mobility” centre in Emmen. Maverick has signed an agreement to produce the Maverick One, starting with the 0-series in 2022.

Saluqi Motors from the Automotive Campus in Helmond is involved in the powering of the Maverick and the battery pack.

Technical Universities of Eindhoven, Groningen and Twente will be involved in specific areas of development of the Maverick.


  • Phenomenal driving experience due to suspension and tilting 
  • Tailor your own limited edition
  • Online monitoring of production process of your own Maverick
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Electric
  • 0% road tax and f.e. € 500 additional income (“bijtelling”) with a private use of 5.000 km
  • Maverick community membership with invitations to Maverick and lifestyle partners’ events
  • Fun!
length 400 cm
height 150 cm
width 140 cm
wheelbase 340 cm
weight 825 kg
top speed ( limited) 190 km / hr
Acceleration 0-100 km/hr far below 4 sec
real action radius 500 km
continuous power 70 kW ( 109 HP / PK)
max power 150 kw ( 204 HP / PK)
Luggage Compartment
1 person, bench down 810 liter
2 persons, bench up 450 liter
preliminairy design
preliminairy design



Who doesn’t want to be a Maverick, looking for your track.  Do you want to join the journey?

As an investor….

Due to the fact we have the knowledge of the previous Carver and the PAL-V developments, a team in place and we know which people to take on board additionally with all their own working package we were able to undertake an assessment by an external specialist, Shift2Start from the automotive Campus Helmond. They consider our time frame with separate milestones and related costs as realistic. The project in general will be cut into two stages.

Stage 1 will deliver a “Maverick Mad Max” and a demonstrator. This stage, starting in Q1-2020 and is expected to take 12-15 months, will cost € 3,200,000.=. For stage 1 we already do have some investors we open a Fund with all the required regulations and we look for participations up to € 1,500,000.=
The demonstrator will be available before the Zandvoort Formula 1 Grand Prix 2021.

Stage 2 will start immediately after and takes 18 months resulting in the delivery of 10 series zero  Maverick’s to have a final check. After this the production of the Maverick for end users based on reservation orders will start.

Beginning 2023 the delivery of the first Mavericks is foreseen.

As a Maverick-One owner….

If you want to be one of the first people to own a Maverick, please let us know and we provide you with additional information once the project kicks-off in Q1-2020. You start by placing your pre-option for only € 1,000.= ,giving you a numbered certificate.

Fill in the form to receive information about future ownership.